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OUR LATEST RELEASE – Blaise’s Intimate Moments – Available Now

Erotic Videos

Joanna and Blaise are pleased to present their own brand of “erotica by women” in The Shop.

They’re tired of porn, which has its place, but is definitely not the be-all and end-all in visual sexual enjoyment. There’s so much more to titillate, provoke and arouse. In fact Joanna and Blaise relish using their sexual creativity to bring new and unique erotic interpretations to you with every video.  Visit The Shop for titles available for your enjoyment.

You Tube

You can enjoy our “Joanna and Blaise” channel on You Tube and also our “Mercury and Diamond”channel on VIMEO.   Check out Mercury and Diamond on Vimeo!  Joanna and Blaise discuss a vast range of topics from a sexually-experienced female point of view in our vlogs.

So many of our male fans say they enjoy the honest take on how women view sex and men.  Mercury and Diamond also appreciate their loyal band of lady followers who are open-minded and keen to gain the maximum enjoyment they can from sex.

About Us

 Joanna was a university professor and Blaise a successful business owner for many years before they met, in unusual circumstances, in Sydney, Australia and formed a firm friendship.  After beginning their internet career with “Mature Beauty Tips” which had resounding success for a number of years, they shifted their focus to sex commentary, where they felt a new understanding and approach would be most valuable and useful.

Underlying Philosophy

 The ladies take the view that sex has been much maligned and become very confused under the influence of different control pundits, like the church, politics and big business.  After all sex is the most powerful force known to man and men who crave control see it as the enemy.

As a consequence there is much too much guilt and worry surrounding one of the most pleasurable (and free) activities available to mankind.  J&B enjoy deconstructing the fear and prejudice surrounding sex to reveal the pleasurable and satisfying landscape beneath.

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