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 Our New Video Naughty Upskirts – Available Now

About Us

Hi! We’re Joanna and Blaise on YouTube, or Mercury and Diamond on Vimeo.  We’ve been presenting lighthearted sexual commentary since July 2015 when we first started our Mercury and Diamond channel.

It’s not easy to do that in the contemporary sexual culture which seesaws between repressed puritanical and overtly distasteful. There’s not many advocates for the middle ground; the sexually free but morally responsible lobby.

So we’re pleased to be able to offer you our unique brand of erotica from The Shop on this site.  It’s erotica made entirely by women.  We hope you enjoy!

Our Background

 Joanna was a university professor and Blaise a successful business owner for many years before they met, in unusual circumstances, in Sydney, Australia and formed a firm friendship.  After beginning their internet career with “Mature Beauty Tips” which had resounding success for a number of years, they shifted their focus to sex commentary, where they felt a new understanding and approach would be most valuable and useful.

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