Facelift Before and After

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websiteafterstoryA facelift before and after is always an intriguing thing.  Most of us enjoy seeing a transformation of any kind when it’s for the better.  Now it was my turn to have my very own ….

Why Have a Facelift?

Full face before facelift
Before facelift

Simply because the world loves beauty and getting older is not (conventionally) beautiful.  I have heard of “growing old gracefully”, and “it’s what’s inside that matters”, and while I don’t disagree with either of those statements, in my view neither of them trumps my initial one that the world loves beauty. Young is beautiful while old is “interesting”.

Here are some, rather unflattering, before pictures, but I wanted to show you the things that troubled me most, without disguising them with makeup or particular poses!

Right profile before facelift
Left profile before facelift

A facelift can rejuvenate your life. If you find yourself avoiding the mirror so you won’t catch sight of the new wrinkles and the increasingly sagging jaw line, it may be time to contemplate doing something about it. For me it was a matter of deciding when rather than if. I had been managing ok with the aid of botox and dermal filler but then decided, no more … I want the real thing!

Deciding Who to Use

I wanted to be sure my facelift before and after was a triumph not a tragedy, so I did some research.  I needed someone who was experienced, had a great track record, gave good care afterwards and charged a reasonable price.  Tall order? Well it did take a while to find the right person.

Firstly I looked in my home town of Sydney and while there are many competent surgeons there, the facelift cost was not ideal.  At around AU$30,000 I thought it was a bit steep.  In addition it is day surgery, so most of the nursing is left to the patient at home unless you hire a nurse at your own cost.

The Asian Connection

I’ve had a love affair with Asia for over 15 years and have traveled extensively and lived there during much of that time, so it was not at all unfamiliar or scary for me to contemplate surgery in Asia. I chose Bangkok and Bumrungrad Hospital (colloquially known as the American Hospital).

The facelift surgeon who appealed to me most, because of his experience in the US and Canada, was Dr Amorn Poomee.  The facelift cost (with necklift) was around AU$10,000 and included 2 full nights’ care in that first class hospital in a gorgeous private room.

After Facelift

afterlift4The photo on the left was taken about a prefacelift3            week after the facelift.  Though my face is still a bit swollen, the line of the face is no longer sagging, giving a more youthful appearance. Compare it with the “before” photo on the right.

The procedure is a minimum of fuss for the patient.  I went into surgery around 7 am in the morning, and the operation took 3-4 hours.  I woke up in my stylish and comfortable private hospital room being cared for by very lovely nurses. After 2 nights in the hospital I went back to my nearby hotel where I rested for 7 days and then had the post-op appointment with facelift surgeon, Dr Poomee.

More Facelift Before and After Photos

These two photos show the marked difference in neck and jawline before and after the facelift surgery.  The neck and jawline were what I cared about most and I think that facelift surgeon, Dr Poomee has done a miraculous job.

One Week After Facelift
One Week After Facelift
Before Facelift













The day after the post-op appointment my son and I traveled back to Hanoi from Bangkok and at the airport visa counter the young man in charge innocently asked me if my son was my husband.  He looked totally confused when I replied that I was his mother.  To me, that little incident said it all!

Apparently the best is yet to come because the facelift “settles” about a month after the operation and is at its best after that ….

I am so glad it is my facelift before and after story this time.

Further Reading

If you would like to read more about Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok and facelift surgeon, Dr Amorn Poomee, click the links.

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