Women in History

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History is full of famous men and very few famous women.  Women in history who are featured are usually those who helped men get famous, or “wicked women” whose “evil” was rooted out by “righteous men”.

Occasionally there’s a woman ruler in her own right, one who slipped thru the alpha male net and held a significant governance role.  When this happens she is often much maligned or virtually ignored in history.  Sometimes the male who takes over after her simply takes the credit for her achievements.

Time to Set the Record Straight

It’s time to set the record straight and record the lives of famous women in history more accurately, with respect and affection and with as much pomp and ceremony as if they had been men. It’s also time to correct all the convenient lies spread around about so-called “infamous” women, lies which were used to advance the careers of lackluster men who needed to look good by persecuting “evil women” – a time-honored sport amongst alpha male types.

 Mercury & Diamond’s Famous Women in History

The following pages present our selection of famous women in history and offer a more balanced view of who they were and what they achieved.

We think you will find they are every bit as deserving of attention as any male “hero” in history!


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