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French Maid Seduction

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Is There a French Maid Who’s Not Naughty?

Joanna and Blaise don’t think so!  It’s the ideal, sweetly titillating look that most men (and a lot of ladies) admire. That cute little black and white frilly outfit, so short that it reveals some delicious backside every time she bends over …

Blaise makes the ideal sexy hotel guest, and Joanna, the ditzy and horny French Maid in this saucy bedroom romp of erotic visual delight.

The photography is intimate and sensual, moving from emphasis on rounded bottom to breasts to some lesbian action.

Those who enjoyed the ladies’ earlier “French Maid Fun” will find this  new window on a favourite subject superior in its  presentation because it’s the full video format which many prefer.

Joanna and Blaise are a rare combination – two sexy, classy mature ladies who’ve had an enduring friendship and who understand the male sexual psychology and are not afraid to “strut their stuff” for the enjoyment and pleasure of all.

The ladies have such fun  exploring the delicious French idiom of the naughty maid who enjoys much more than just dusting the room and this time with a lesbian twist.  That twist is so appealing to a man’s visual pleasure.  Two sensual women enjoying tantalising and caressing each other’s bodies.

So if you crave some sexual and sensual fun with an historic naughty edge, don’t miss this new release!

French Maid Seduction is available in The Shop NOW for USD $5

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