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Joanna’s Raw Photoshoot

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Joanna is pleased to introduce her “Raw Photoshoot”.

It’s a celebration of femaleness – a woman being a woman in the most candid of ways, but in characteristic M&D style, it’s always classy and fun.

The footage is from Joanna’s photoshoot for the recent YouTube segment on how to take sexy photos for your man.  For those who have watched and enjoyed this clip, you’re in for a treat.

At around 15 minutes of Joanna expressing her femininity and sexuality, there’s plenty of time to enjoy the visual stimulus of a dancing, posing, pouting, mature woman and work out which are your favorite parts to replay at your leisure.

“Raw”, in this context, means largely unedited, (except for the boring bits), so the sound might be uneven in parts, and the video may lack continuity at times, but it’s very REAL, and the voyeurs amongst you, who like to be able to see intimate moments they can’t usually see, will be rapt.

It’s so real that we had to work on Joanna for some weeks to convince her to release it.  She prefers the studio look, with a bit of work on proofs to produce a more “pinup appearance” so she was uneasy about releasing the candid footage.

In fact, the only way we could persuade her is by including some “stills” in pinup style at the end.  She’s still nervous about releasing the whole video, but finally she agreed.

Watch Joanna posture and gyrate to music, trying this pose and that, this expression and that and this outfit and that, dancing, stripping – and yes, she’s completely naked (except for high-heeled boots!) in some sequences.  For connoisseurs it’s a rare peep at the personal life of a sexy, mature woman.

For those of you who enjoyed “Nude Bathtub Frolic” and “Stockings and Suspenders Uncut” – this is one for you.

In total it’s 12 m 38 sec of video, followed by 25 stills from the photoshoot in pinup style, set to music.  In total, more than 15 mins of Joanna expressing her femininity and sexuality.

Ever wanted to be present at an erotic photoshoot?  Ever wish you were the cameraman?  Well here’s the closest chance you may get in a lifetime.

Joanna’s Raw Photoshoot is available in The Shop NOW for USD $10

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