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Naughty Corporate Escapades

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Blaise is the high-flying corporate executive trying to catch up on some important work while Joanna feels naughty and just wants to play.  It’s not too hard to guess who wins out in this saucy new video from Mercury & Diamond.

Their “erotica by women” makes a nice change from the explicit (and often unrealistically unattainable) “porn by men” which currently floods the marketplace. Erotica is an almost-forgotten genre, one which engages the imagination and not just the sex organs, akin to the novel versus the movie.  While viewing stimulating images your imagination is free to wander along any erotic or dirty path it chooses to gain ultimate satisfaction.

Mercury & Diamond know men, and they know that men love the unseen, the difficult to get, in equal measure with the down and dirty.  Let’s face it, there’s plenty of down and dirty out there but not many are catering for the seductive allure of what’s suggested but not shown ….

Joanna enjoys teasing Blaise till she breaks away from her boring work to have some fun  exploring, tantalising and caressing each other’s bodies.  Blaise seems quite happy with the trade as she gets into some serious lesbian fun.

Join the ladies for a naughty look at how to make office work fun.Don’t miss this new release

Naughty Corporate Escapades is available in The Shop NOW for USD $5



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