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Slippery Bubble Bath

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What is it about bubble baths that’s so erotic?

The warm water, the frothy bubbles – add some slippery oil to naked bodies and you have an enticing combination which Blaise and Joanna can’t resist in their new video, Slippery Bubble Bath.

With some champagne to set the mood, the ladies luxuriate and romp in the bubbles and soon discover some naughty, moist pleasures to enjoy.

This is one of the ladies’ most explicit offerings, so those of you who enjoy viewing mature nakedness are in for a treat with this erotic presentation of natural, watery pleasures.

The photography is intimate and sensual, cleverly lit with in-bath lighting for extra effect, atmosphere and special views of treasured parts.

Those who enjoyed the ladies’ earlier “Nude Bathtub Frolic” will find this a new window on a favourite subject offering titillating views of watery fun and pleasure.


Joanna and Blaise are a rare combination – two sexy, classy mature ladies who’ve had an enduring friendship and who understand the male sexual psychology and are not afraid to “strut their stuff” for the enjoyment and pleasure of all.

The ladies enjoy their bath time fun in full knowledge of the voyeuristic pleasure it might bring others, in fact that knowledge adds to their own pleasure.  Suchisnthe nature of eroticism.

So if you’re in the mood for a little sexual and sensual fun, don’t miss this new release!

Slippery Bubble Bath is available in The Shop NOW for USD $5

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