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Stockings & Lingerie Parade

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Blaise & Joanna know how popular lingerie is ….

Yes, too few ladies wear sexy lingerie these days, so the sight of many tantalizing lingerie sets, all in the one video, is a treat in itself.  One after the other, the ladies model their favourite new lingerie sets, posing and posturing as they enjoy their sexuality.

In Stockings & Lingerie Parade J&B have stuck to the tried and true formats that men appreciate.   Firstly colours.  They model red, black and white, which remain the trigger colours of sex and excitement.

Red for passion and naughtiness, black for the bad girl who can show you a thing or two and white for the virgin, the good girl, just waiting to be introduced to the wonders of sex.

Next – fabrics and design.

Sheer nylon and sexy lace are always the favourites.  The ladies have chosen the most delicate of laces and the sheerest, see-thru nylons.  Contrast this with a bondage look of shiny, black latex-look fabric with lattice elastic and buckles and you have an alluring collection of eye candy.

For those of you who enjoyed  “Lingerie, Stockings & Seduction” and “Stockings & Suspenders Uncut”- this one’s for you.

Cleverly photographed in a well-lit mirror, you have the advantage of seeing back and front views all at once.

At almost 8 minutes of of video fun set to music it’s a visual feast for voyeurs and lovers of classy lingerie.

There’s a sexy surprise at the end and a flash of pussy behind sheer nylon – just enough to get the juices flowing and the imagination soaring.

Joanna and Blaise are a rare combination – two sexy, classy mature ladies who’ve had an enduring friendship and who understand the male sexual psychology and are not afraid to “strut their stuff” for the enjoyment and pleasure of all.  Well, let’s face it, it’s primarily the male gender!

The ladies enjoy performing for you almost as much as you enjoy watching.  So if you’re in the mood for a little teasing and titillating fun, don’t miss this new release!

Stockings & Lingerie Parade is available in The Shop NOW for USD $5

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